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what is seo hosting

SEO hosting Overview

SEO Hosting (Class C SEO Hosting, A Class SEO Hosting) is the Web Hosting version of SEO, It's all about obtaining higher search engine rankings organically with the best backend hosting support which involves class A B C IP addresses, web servers, data centers, DNS, URL protocols, SSL, etc.

Most SEO experts completely neglect this side of the game but SEOHosting is important as any other SEO tactic out there. SEO Hosting is not an overnight result oriented strategy and it's not the only SEO Strategy, you have to combine seohosting with other SEO strategies to gain the best results. On the other hand, SEO Hosting is a critical component of your overall SEO success. One can consider SEO Hosting as an extended value addition to their SEO campaigns.

Furthermore, SEO web hosting is all about having your websites hosted on a uniquely and numerically different IP addresses instead of having them hosted on the same IP address. That uniqueness of an IP can differ from class A to B or Class C and most of the time it’ll be a unique class C IP as Class A and B IP's are comparatively expensive than the class C IP's. And also your sites will be scattered across geographically diverse multiple locations instead of one specific location. And there will be completely different SEO optimized DNS instead of single DNS. You will also get separate cPanel and separate name servers for each and every IP address you purchase.

Who would best benefit from multiple IP/SEO hosting?

Basically, anyone who operates more than one website and anyone who's seriously into making money online. Webmasters and SEO companies with large PBN (Personal Blog Networks) should use multiple IP hosting instead of using typical web hosting. We support casino sites and adult content sites but we are very strict on using our servers and IP's for mass emailing and SPAM. Under any means, you should not engage in unsolicited commercial emailing. Seo Hosting is all about having multiple websites under multiple IP addresses.

What is a unique C-Class IP?

In short a Unique C Class IP address means an IP which differs from the third decimal digit. While the 1st and the 2nd decimal digits represent Class A and Class B which usually remains the same . C-Class IP Hosting is widely used for better and competitive SEO.

An IP ( is a numerical identification given to a specific domain name. Imagine someone having multiple websites hosted on the same server under a single C-Class IP address, this is the case with those sites where you can host hundreds of websites with unlimited resources under one hosting account for a penny or two, its called add-on domain or multiple domain hosting, and all those domains will have the same IP address, which has zero or no value as far as SEO is concerned.

And when it comes to search engines it can be very lethal for your network of sites interlinked with each other, hosted on the same server and on same C-Class IP address. It’s very likely all your sites will get penalized because of this. And this is where unique C-Class IP Hosting plays a major role in SEO helping webmasters to gain higher search engine rankings.

In most cases, same C-Class IP means that those IP's are from the "same server" and multiple C-Class IP’ means that those are from "multiple servers. And this is what you will get with our multiple C-Class IP hosting packages, a range of different C-Class IP’s hosted on multiple servers and from different locations with different DNS. And you have the ability to allocate a unique C-Class IP for each domain name you have. Isn’t that an amazing thing compared to having all your sites hosted on the same IP, same server, same data center with the same DNS?

What is the purpose of SEO hosting?

The whole purpose of SEO Hosting is to increase your online earnings by attracting highly targeted organic website traffic through accumulation of higher search engine rankings with the use of advanced seo techniques.

Benefits of using SEO Hosting

  • Ability to host multiple websites on multiple A, B , C class IP’s
  • Instead of Hosting All your sites on a single server, scatter them across on multiple web servers.
  • Instead of having your sites on the same data center, you can have your sites scatter around on multiple data centers
  • Instead of having your sites under the same DNS settings you can have them under completely different DNS.
  • And most importantly you can do all this under one host without having to host on multiple web hosts.
  • Your own high quality one-way backlinks from various multiple class A B C IP's
  • Geo-targeted search results on all the major search engines.
  • Boost your search engine rankings dramatically.
  • Highly targeted search traffic
  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Increased sales
  • What makes Goviphosting the best SEO hosting service?

    It’s simple, we have it all, whether it’s A, B, C class IP’s or shared or dedicated IP’s, or even shared/dedicated servers and VPS SEO servers, US, European or Singapore based IP’s or even reseller SEO hosting plans. And all these we’re offering for very reasonable prices with the best level 3 tech support around the clock. Please contact sales for more information.