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At we always encourage our clients to review our service and share their experience with us. This page compiles some of the unedited, real reviews by clients that we have collected over all the years we have been in business.

I signed up with a 10 Class A IP hosting package few weeks back and things are going really well so far, great support and clean IP's, super fast servers with zero down times, what more you could ask for.

- David .T - London, UK

Been with these guys for well over two years now, and hardly had a downtime experience, their support team is awesome, specially Jason and Dev, keep up the good work guys and looking forward for a another smooth 2 years with you all.

- Stella .C - Des Moines, Iowa

I bought a C Class IP Hosting plan last month and im already seeing some good results, the package is exactly as they described on the page, and the support staff is very helpful. Haven't had any downtimes so far and looking forward for a successful SEO campaign with the help of Govip's seo hosting.

- Mark Schneider - Munich, Germany

I was looking for a reliable SEO Hosting service with a good track record and who has been in business for at least 10 years, because i have had my fair share of bad experiences with extremely unreliable web hosting companies who has practically disappeared on me, leaving me stranded having no access to my site and data. I just don't want to make the same mistake again. And has been in business for well over 11 years, and i have had few people recommending me the service as well. I've been very satisfied so far. These guys are well experienced in what they do. I highly recommend to anyone whose serious about their online presence

- Sandra James - Clifton, New Jersey

It’s imperative for us to have a hosting service which is up and running at all times and with great speed without any major downtimes and also a tech support that we can always rely on 24/7 without having to wait for hours to get a constructive response. Good people at has never let us down and always been prompt with their support and for the past 4 years it’s been a magnificent hosting experience with these guys. And we at Shanthi Lanka Ayurvedic Resort highly recommend to anyone who’s serious about their business.

- Upali.D - Galle, Sri Lanka

Great customer support specially, Jessica and Dev, you guys did a great job transferring my blog from my previous host to, I thought my nightmare will never end with my previous web host with extremely slow hosting account with regular downtimes, but I was saved thanks to my friend who recommended you guys to me, and every things seems to be right with my blog, your servers are supper fast and support staff is really impressive and very knowledgeable and amazingly supportive. Thanks for saving me and my site from the worst nightmare ever.

- Shashya.J - Brooklyn, NY

We have had our fair share of bad experiences with terrible web hosting companies who are just couple of month’s or years old, and extremely slow loading speeds. We got to know about via google and quickly grabbed our attention as they’ve been in the hosting industry for almost a decade. It’s really important to choose a hosting company whose been in the filed for at least 5 years (more the better), mainly because it’s a very competitive hard to survive business and only the serious companies would survive for that long. And it’s all about reliability and accountability because at the end of the day the type of web hosting company you deal with would have a great impact on your own business and online success. This is where govip is superior to many other hosting companies out there, we’ve been doing business with them since 2012 and they’ve been really professional in their support, really fast servers, very less down times, and most importantly they’ve been in the business for the last 10 years. This is a very good and professional and reliable hosting company anyone who’s serious about their online presence could signup with.

- Madura kannangara - Colombo, Sri Lanka