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  • 20+ Unique A Class IP’s
  • 200+ Unique Class C IP’s
  • Multiple servers on multiple data centers and locations
  • Separate unique private name severs for each IP
  • SEO friendly DNS setup
  • Free SSL for each domain/IP
  • Separate cPanel with softaculous for each IP
  • Mega discounts on annual and bulk IP plans.
  • Unmatched level 3 dedicated support
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Welcome to's seo hosting portal. We offer wide range of multiple C-Class IP hosting solutions for webmasters and seo companies. We're not limited to C-class IP hosting, we have a pool of A-class and B-class IP's available to boost your seo campaigns. Not many web hosts offer A-class and B-class IP's out there. If you are serious about ranking high on search engines, having a multiple IP hosting plan is a must. We are always committed to offer highest quality shared ip
11+ years in web hosting
World wide data centers
Enterprise level server hardware
24/7 tech support
99.99% server uptime

Budget SEO Hosting USA

  • Upto 200GB disk space
  • Upto 500GB Bandwidth
  • Upto 250 SEO Friendly C-class Shared IP's
  • Different name servers for each IP
  • Separate cPanel for Every C-Class IP


  • 4x1TB Raid 1+0 Storage
  • Premium USA Bandwidth
  • Massive 48GB Ram
  • Private NameServers for each IP
  • Separate cPanel for Every C-Class IP

Power SEO Hosting UK

  • Raid-10 Storage
  • Separate Class C Nameservers
  • SSD Drive Speed Boost - 300% Faster
  • Separate cPanel for Every IP
  • SEO Optimized DNS Setup

Dedicated IP Hosting

  • Enterprise hard drives in RAID 1+0
  • USA premium bandwidth
  • SEO friendly dedicated c-calss IP's
  • 24/7/365 Enterprise Technical Support
  • cPanel Control Panel

A-Class IP Hosting

  • SEO Friendly Multiple A-Class IP's
  • Separate cPanel for Every IP
  • Unique A-Class Nameservers for Domains
  • SEO Optimized Servers & DNS Setup
  • A-Class IP's in Multiple Data Centers

B-Class IP Hosting

  • Raid-10 Storage
  • SEO Friendly Multiple B-Class IP's
  • B-Class IP's in Multiple Data Centers
  • Unlimited Features
  • 24/7/365 Enterprise Technical Support

12 Reasons to choose us as your SEO web host

What is Multiple IP/SEO Hosting?

What is SEO hosting?
Also known as multiple IP hosting is the art of accumulating higher search engine rankings. Seo hosting is there to boost your interment marketing efforts and give an added value to your seo campaigns using internet protocol addresses (IP), DNS and diverse geographical locations. Furthermore seo web hosting is all about having your web sites hosted on uniquely different IP addresses instead of having to host on the same single IP. That uniqueness of an IP can be either from class A or B or Class C and most of the time it’ll be a unique class C IP as Class A and B IP's are comparatively expensive than the class C IP's. And also your sites will be spread across a vast range of geographically diverse locations instead of one specific location. And in all sorts of different “domain name systems” instead of single DNS. You will also get separate cPanel and separate name servers for each and every IP address you purchase.
Who would best benefit from multiple IP/SEO hosting?
Basically anyone with more than one website and anyone whose seriously into making money online using a network of websites with the application of advance seo techniques.
What is a unique C-Class IP?
An IP ( is a numerical identification given to a specific domain name. Imagine someone having multiple websites hosted on the same server under one C-Class IP address, this is the case with those sites where you can host hundreds of web sites with unlimited resources under one hosting account for a penny or two, its called add-on domain or multiple domain hosting, and all those domains will have the same IP address, which has zero or no value as far as seo is concerned. And when it comes to search engines it can be very lethal for your network of sites interlinked with each other hosted on the same server and on same C-Class IP address. It’s very likely all your sites will get penalized because of this. And this is where unique C-Class IP’s play a major role in SEO and gaining higher search engine rankings. In most cases same C-Class IP’s means that those IP's are from the "same server" and deferent C-Class IP’ means that those are from "different servers. And this is what you will get with our multiple C-Class IP hosting packages, a range of different C-Class IP’s hosted on different servers and from different locations with different DNS. And you have the ability to allocate a unique C-Class IP for each domain name you have. Isn’t that wonderful?
What is the purpose of SEO hosting?
The whole purpose of seo hosting is to increase your online earnings by attracting highly targeted organic web site traffic through accumulation of higher search engine rankings by using advance seo techniques.
Benifits of using SEO hosting
Ability to host multiple web sites on multiple A, B , C class IP’s on multiple web servers and on multiple DNS at multiple geographic locations under one account.
What makes the best multiple IP/SEO hosting service provider?
It’s simple, we have it all, whether it’s A, B, C class IP’s or shared or dedicated IP’s, or even shared or dedicated and VPS SEO servers, US, European or Singapore based IP’s or even reseller SEO hosting plans. And all these we’re offering for very reasonable prices with the best level 3 tech support around the clock.

Client Reviews

  • It’s imperative for us to have a hosting service which is up and running at all times and with great speed without any major downtimes and also a tech support that we can always rely on 24/7 without having to wait for hours to get a constructive response. Good people at has never let us down and always been prompt with their support and for the past 4 years it’s been a magnificent hosting experience with these.....Read More

    shanthilanka Upali .D ( customer since 2011
  • Great customer support specially, Jessica and Dev, you guys did a great job transferring my blog from my previous host to, I thought my nightmare will never end with my previous web host with extremely slow hosting account with regular downtimes, but I was saved thanks to my friend who recommended you guys to me, and every things seems to be right with my blog, your servers are supper fast and support....Read More

    smallbusinessis Shashya .J ( customer since 2008
  • We have had our fair share of bad experiences with terrible web hosting companies who are just couple of month’s or years old, and extremely slow loading speeds. We got to know about via google and quickly grabbed our attention as they’ve been in the hosting industry for almost a decade. It’s really important to choose a hosting company whose been in the filed for at least 5 years (more the better).....Read More

    markcaraudio Madura Kannangara ( customer since 2012